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Lightfields - “Junior”

Lightfields' latest single, “Junior,” was just released as a preview title track for the band's upcoming full-length.  Recorded at Snake Oil Studios with Dan-O Deckelman, the tune electrifies the senses.  Taking cues from 90s garage rock like the band Pavement, the band unleashes an unrelenting stream of buzzing guitars and gang vocals.  The melody rings out like a beacon in the night past the fog of instrumentation, and it’s catchy.  Gone is the sax, but the sexiness is still there.  We can’t wait for the rest of the album!

Catch LIghtfields tomorrow (Thursday), 4/10 @ Gallery 5 w/ Houdan the Mystic (Subterranea Collective math rock) and Red States (RVA freak folk/punk/rock). 7:00 pm, $3!  (fyi, Red States is about to hit the road next week and then be back to open for the 4/18 Local H show @ Canal Club!  I loved that song.)

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